5/18/19: Saturday Strategy Session

Election 2020 Elizabeth Warren

5/18/19: Saturday Strategy Session

The Democrats must impeach Trump. If they impeach Trump and he is not convicted in Senate AND he “wins” in 2020, the Democracy is still alive. He can still be vigorously opposed and we can continue to fight.

If he is not impeached and “wins” in 2020, all is lost. It will take a generation or more to get our freedom back.

As to 2020, the Dems must get more people to vote and forget about getting Trump voters back.

The religious fanatics are immovable. They con themselves to believe that God sent Trump to set up their theocracy. Forget them.

The other Trump voters are too stupid, the victims of his con. There is no way to educate these “low IQ voters” by November 2020.

We have to mobilize the apathetic. We should shame Trump and his supporters not to change them, they are beyond shame. We should do it to awaken the moral outrage and the awareness of danger in the currently indifferent.

One last prediction — I can always change it later — the Dem presidential nomination will boil down to a battle between Biden and Elizabeth Warren —- barring death, or scandal or etc.

It has to be Warren. She’s the smartest. She’s a great politician who can get things done. She’s a fighter. None of this nonsense about bi-partisanship. She knows we have to defeat the radical right. She will give us our best chance to also take the Senate — which is essential.

She will do this by fighting everywhere. She will mobilize every blue voter in every red state. They liked her in West Virginia for Pete’s sake.
Biden wants us back to the bi-partisan stalemate of the Obama years which will give him a convenient excuse not to give us everything that we need.

Warren has a bold agenda — best since FDR.

When people say they are “moderate Dems” I wonder what they are moderating with?

The Dems in Congress and the campaign have to take the fight to the enemy.

Warren is the person who was born to lead in this moment, sorry Beto. The time is ripe for someone bigger than a small business incubator.

FDR talked about “economic royalists.” He wouldn’t have said Pence is a “good man” (Biden).

Warren knows what time it is and what to do about it.

Trump is like cancer. So is the Republican Party. Like cancer you have to try to destroy it as soon as you can, and by every means possible.

Don’t wait for 2020. Start the impeachment now. Fight the Republicans every step of the way. Initiate and attack their initiations.

Impeach Trump. Vote Warren.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas


5/17/19: Gratitude and Exuberance

rembrandt laughing

5/17/19: Gratitude and Exuberance

I promise you, I’m not manic.

My mother had a photo of me

It’s still around somewhere.

I’m about three years old.


In a horizontal striped short sleeve shirt

and short pants.

Mid-century toddler.

Thick wavy hair.

Smiling mouth wide open.

Hand extended high in the air

A maestro at the crescendo

In love with sound of my own voice.

The acorn that grew into this ancient oak.

The Essential Rick

Rick Redux

Rick un – Redacted

I became an actor,

but I don’t want to pretend.

I became a lawyer,

but I don’t want to argue.

I just want to talk.

I still have the kernel of the baby even younger than the little boy

Delighted with making sounds.

Thrilled when they become vowels.

The gift

and curse

of indefatigable innocence.

Life celebrates and assaults purity

The toddler saw the world as an infinitely accepting mother.

The world would never be displeased with me

and I would never be displeased with the world.

My innocence has never been lost after all of these years.

Only repeatedly assaulted.

And this evening I feel

Gratitude and Exuberance.

I am grateful for the loving friends

Who coddle me as their own flesh and blood

Who love me because they see we are made of the same stuff

the same DNA

of a family who just wants to


to breathe with one another

And listen to each other’s gibberish symphonies.

See that self-portrait of Rembrandt?

That’s no toddler.

Laughter in the shadows

I am also grateful to the toxic turds

Who challenge my voice

My demeanor

My person


The Purveyors of Negation

Shape me

Into something more interesting

Than an adorable little boy.

Something stronger

Something that transcends nature

That leads to


It’s easy to be happy when you don’t know what death is

When you haven’t seen failure

When you don’t know what “meanness” means.

America is under attack.

Be America.

You may be under attack.

Be your baby photo

This time aware of the shadows.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas










5/16/19: The Newly Named Trump Statue of Tyranny

statue of liberty

5/16/19: The Newly Named Trump Statue of Tyranny

Give me your energetic and wealthy, your educated with post-graduate degrees and high earning capacities. Losers need not apply. Refugees from poverty and oppression go fuck yourselves. Rick Thomas’ father should have never been let in this country. We’re ready to abuse every child in the world until you vermin stop coming. Slaves and their descendants didn’t come here legally. More plans on how to get rid of those descendants too will follow.

Don’t worry, immigrants are the low-hanging fruit. We are coming after anyone in this country who is weak, sick, old without means, poor and unhappy.

Bad is good, lies are truth, freedom is authoritarianism, stupid is smart, cunning is innocence, oppressors are victims, cynicism is idealism, greed is generosity, murder is life-preserving, a vicious mob is the hard-working middle class, Satan is Jesus, Nazi Germany is America, criminality is the law, ugly is beautiful.


Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas

5/14/19: Darkest Mood in Decades


5/14/19: Darkest Mood in Decades

I was born an optimist.
I have died.
I know that there are wonderful people and places in the world and in my soul.
But I can’t access them.
I am in exile
from myself
from you
from possibility.

Can anyone give me a sign?
A reason for hope?
Things outwardly aren’t that bad in my little world or the great big one.

But faith is a gift.

And it doesn’t come every day.

The ancient frustration is back

The eternal moment of feeling wronged

The grievance

The sense of injustice

has returned
My way!

My way!

My way!

I demand it.

I shout it at the walls.

And no one comes.

They walk away.


An astronaut untethered from the mother ship

Life is impossible

death doesn’t matter

beyond suffering

my own

and especially yours

Nothing makes sense

All this chaos

Brought on by nothing

No catalyst

So I reach for old pain

And resurrect it

Just to have words

All I have are words

That represent nothing

I’ll get over it

the optimist rises

The sun’ll come up tomorrow

sang the girl drawn without eyeballs

I talk and sing and chatter

Just to know that I am here

A spirit guide suggests silence

But that is too excruciating

Maybe you could tell me that you feel this way sometimes too?

So I know that I’m still human?

Friends, family, work

And loneliness

Just the way it is

For everyone

Even those who cover it up as I often do

Does the world resist me or do I resist myself?

I don’t want to be kind tonight

Or smart

Or determined

I don’t want to think of the sick or the abused or the cheated

Tonight I sit with the side of humanity that is within us all

I embrace my self-pity.

I luxuriate in it.

I indulge my rage.

It feels lousy but its a little something

I feel a little better.

Nothing distracts me

But this

Words on a screen

I wrote a poem tonight.

At least I can do that.

Maybe tomorrow I can teach and write and stand up for democracy

or whatever silly things I like to think that I do that make me think I am conscious and


Maybe tomorrow I can serve you with the best of me.
Or at least tell myself that is what I am doing.

But tonight I scream

And stew.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas

5/12/19: The Rick Blog Rates Major Historic Improvisation Teachers

Rick Thomas teaching

5/12/19: The Rick Blog Rates Major Historic Improvisation Teachers

Improvisation is an art form and an educational pedagogy. It is also, and secondarily a commercial enterprise — even if the commercial efforts are what get the most attention. My interest is in pure improvisation — art and education.

Del Close: I knew him, studied with him and was directed by him at Second City. Morbid and superficial. Sold the possibility of fame and an escape from responsible adult life. His legacy — the iO Theater, is a showcase for commercial comedy actors, some of whom are very talented. I have never seen anything at iO of artistic or educational interest. Sitcoms and commercials. Improv Karaoake Nights. Meh.

Martin deMaat: I knew him. Very nice guy.  He sold encouragement. A master at making introverted people feel better about themselves. (I don’t see what is wrong with being introverted, but anyway … ) His commercial insight made the Second City Training Center into a successful business catering to people who wanted to meet people to date, and professionals who wanted to speak with more confidence when doing business. Of limited and minimal educational value — a cash cow.

Matt Hovde: I know him a little. He is a talented and highly competent professional who excels at teaching people the craft of the sketch form. His workshops make up an excellent trade school. Good vocational education.

David Shepherd: I knew him. The greatest influence on my work, although I have transcended what he taught me — just as he would have wanted. His art was informed by his feeling about the world — not a precious and separate thing. He was the greatest innovator in the history of improvisation — until maybe me. His work was committed to human development and social change. He started the whole thing. He connected the work of Viola Spolin and Paul Sills to the world. Greatness.

Viola Spolin: I never met her. The inventor of modern improvisation. A person of depth and a marvelous writer. The first educator of improvisation. She would be very opposed to the rigidity with which many improvisation classes have been taught over the years. She wanted improvisation to transform into new things. She was a liberator. She desired to see humans and artists, not followers. Some improvisational teachers preach like fundamentalist ministers. Of course they do, that is where they deem the money is.

Paul Sills: He took his mother’s pedagogy and turned it into an art form. He revolutionized acting. One of the most influential figures of the 20th Century in the worlds of theater and acting. He lived in a tormented conflict, pulled between commerce and art. Art usually won.

Fred Kaz: I knew him for years and worked with him for years. A philosophical jazz artist who understood music and acting, and knew that they were the same thing. He was depressed by the mediocrity of Second City, and generously forsook his art in order to teach. He brought artistic insight and decency to the commercial acting of his students in the casts of Second City. He was a spiritual leader.

Jeff Michalski: I know him well. A friend. A historian of improvisation, a philosopher of improvisation, committed to human development and social transformation. He should be granted a PhD for his life work and be a professor of improvisation at a major university.

Jo Forsberg: I knew her. Great at the human development aspects of improvisation. She changed lives.

Me: In the 1980s, Paul Sills called me the greatest improviser who ever lived. He said it because my work has depth and content. It is intelligent and it is art. It’s about something. He compared me to Lenny Bruce and Mark Twain. He was right. I am also the greatest improvisational teacher who has ever lived. My teaching draws on much more than improvisational training. Content is what is missing from most improvisation in commercial classes and on commercial stages. Check out my website: http://www.richardthomasjd.com. No one ever did what I do. No one has ever taken improvisation this far. My teaching brings human beings to their highest humanity, and artists to their best art. I work outside of the proscribed institutions of improvisation because they are simply too small.

There are many other teachers of improvisational acting, past and present — many of them are very prominent. But from my point of view, they are not very important.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas

5/1/19: William Barr Inside the Actor’s Studio



5/1/19: William Barr Inside the Actor’s Studio

I have heard a few great actors tell James Lipton “Inside the Actor’s Studio” —

Digression One: (Is that show still on? I stopped watching after Lipton interviewed Billy Joel. Before that I pretty much enjoyed it. I like listening to actors talk about acting — usually more than I like watching them act. Actors — good ones — are part practical philosophers. Freed from all the abstraction, they are experts on how and why people behave. I like it when they drop the artifice of  “creating a character “, and they just talk about character. Lipton is, Digression Two: was? is he dead? retired? still in business? My life is just one moment —a flurry of passing moments rolled into one — usually I’m a retiring Emily Dickinson living a resonant life of observing small and distant things like a talk show hosted by an acting teacher — sometimes I perform acts of great heroism on the edge of danger — defiance, fierce independence — moments of power and failure, ecstatic joy, rage and frustration, sometimes moments of listening to Barr on MSNBC while doing quiet, tedious, necessary and uncertain work unrelated, or is it Minor Digression Two Point Five: )

I have heard a few great actors tell James Lipton “Inside the Actor’s Studio” that they never play villains as villains. “Villains don’t think they are villains. They think they are good people doing right.”

I wrote this in a piece about Barr recently:

In the process of writing this blog, I’ve been surprised interacting with more than a few people who really don’t care about morality at all. I used to think that people engaged in immorality, but then lied to themselves about it in order to justify taking what they wanted. I’ve been finding that more people than I thought just don’t care about what is right and wrong. I think Barr is in that category. He only believes in power.

I still think that. But I also believe that people lie to themselves to justify their dirty deeds.

I contradict myself. I am a multitude.

Lipton: Mr. Barr, how did you find the motivation to play Trump’s Attorney General, a lawyer who hates the rule of law, a Constitutional officer who hates the Constitution, a politician who hates the voters, a man of words who misuses words and distorts their meaning, an advocate who hates discussion and favors tyranny, a Catholic who disdains the Church’s teachings on social justice, a proud man who debases himself to be the lackey of a man who is his intellectual inferior, a man of good reputation who chooses infamy?

Barr: Silence. Cleared throat. Um, well — when I was a young lawyer, my father, a patrician Republican academic and writer who was with the OSS (the precursor to the CIA) during WW II, got me a job as an attorney for the CIA in the mid-seventies. It was after Nixon was unfairly run out of the White House. I was supposed to be a lawyer for the owners — special, better than others. It was my birthright. But when I got to the CIA, we couldn’t do anything without getting permission from Congress. The country was being run by people who didn’t have a right to run it. All of this frustrated and enraged me.

Lipton: Your character showed annoyance at times, and was condescending, but you always seemed in control. Rage didn’t seem to be in your repertoire.

Barr: Oh no. Demonstrated rage is not in my repertoire. Visible rage is too transparent. It makes one vulnerable. Patience, stealth — these are the virtues of vengeance.

Lipton: That sounds so difficult.

Barr: It is very hard to do. But that’s my job.

Lipton: But what was your motivation? I want to know even more since it took so much effort.

Barr. Nixon with David Frost.

Lipton: Frost/Nixon?

Barr: Yes. Gosh, James, you’re good. You are making me reveal my secrets.

Lipton: Oh don’t stop now.

Barr. (Pause). OK. Nixon told Frost, “It’s not a crime if the President does it.”

Lipton: And?

Barr: That was the answer. It was my mission in life to be a savior of bad Presidents, and the life and class that my father created for me to be an important person in. I would not be a President — I would save the bad ones. That would save my tribe’s control of the world. I’m a different type of white nationalist. Nothing crude like Charlottesville. I would do the real damage — not with Tiki torches — but in the corridors of power.

Lipton: You felt justified?

Barr: Oh yes. Being Trump’s Attorney General was the role of a lifetime.

Lipton: You hate the rule of law?

Barr: Oh yes. We are bigger than the law.

Lipton: You hate the Constitution?

Barr: I hate people.

Lipton: How can you misuse words and distort their meaning? Your father was a writer. You are a lawyer.

Barr: I am poet of vengeance. I use words to fight a war of obfuscation for myself and my people.

Lipton: You see yourself as a hero? A patriot of sorts?

Barr: Those are your words. I am a humble lawyer. You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.

Lipton: You abandon your Church’s teachings? You disdain social justice?

Barr: Justice or chaos? — democracy, religion — simple things for simple people. We built the pyramids.

Lipton: What does that mean?

Barr gives a patronizing grin and stares at Lipton.

Lipton, changing the subject: How do you prostitute yourself to Trump, a man who is your intellectual inferior?

Barr: At first I thought he was an idiot, and that I would get my way in many things. But he prevailed. And I grew to admire him. Kind of like in “Team of Rivals.”

Lipton: You compare him to Lincoln?

Barr: He emancipated our power. There is no virtue in shame. Life is war, and he was a great general.

Lipton: OK, now it is time for our questionnaire, originated on French television by the great Bernard Pivot:

What is your favorite word?

Barr: It’s two words actually — no collusion.

Lipton: What is your least favorite word?

Barr: Mueller.

Lipton: What turns you on?

Barr: A daydream of Margaret Thatcher in a nightie.

Lipton: What turns you off?

Barr: The minimum wage.

Lipton: What sound or noise do you love?

Barr: A threatening mob chanting “Lock her up!”

Lipton: What sound or noise do you hate?

Barr: Congress.

Lipton: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Barr: Prostitution.

Lipton: Isn’t that what you do?

Barr: You got me, I guess.

Lipton: What’s your favorite curse word?

Barr: Mueller.

Lipton: What profession would you not like to do?

Barr: Public servant.

Lipton: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you at the pearly gates?

Barr: I’m betting it doesn’t exist.

Lipton: And now we will turn to our students here at the Actors’ Studio for a question and answer session.

But by this time all of the students who were in the audience have left.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas








4/29/19: Movie Review — Avengers Endgame, the Demented Truth

avengers poster

4/29/19: Movie Review —  Avengers Endgame, the Demented Truth

Avengers Endgame doesn’t end. I don’t mean that it lasts so long that it seems that it doesn’t end. It actually doesn’t end. It doesn’t start either. And there is no middle.

Avengers Endgame transcends linear time, which it reveals to be an illusion. There is no chronology to existence. Chronology was developed to bring order to the chaos of being alive, but it ultimately terrifies us. I DON’T WANT TO DIE — we scream into the void. Or we yell WHEN AM I GOING TO DIE if we don’t like how things are going.

Avengers Endgame is a fabulous escape from our fantasy constructed by the conditioning of a society that we fear and desire that we created individually and in a group out of the fears and desires of the society that doesn’t really exist except in our heads and our insane mutual agreements. We call conforming to our mass suicide pact — sanity. We could live anywhere that we choose and we picked Jonestown, Guyana. We escape from our escape into the true reality that we don’t acknowledge.

What inspired this film’s tremendous breakthrough at the box office and the time/space continuum?

The business acumen that figured out a way to kill off characters, and metaphorically the stars who play them, while always maintaining the option to bring them back if the price becomes right and/or the market reheats — again.

The Tao of Commerce.

Avengers Endgame is an (unintentionally?) ironic title. No one dies. No actor gets fired. No story ever reaches its end.

I haven’t even talked about space in the movie and reality yet. That doesn’t exist either. If you don’t like where you are, you can go somewhere else in no time at all. Blink your eyes and click your ruby slippers together. There is no place like home or whatever planet is the site where the fate of the universe is decided.

There are no limits to the universe. How can there be boundaries to a single place and a solitary moment? That is where we are at.

Avengers Endgame feels that it has to patronize we, the audience who desire life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All of the superheroes of the Avengers are gods — not just Thor.

And yet they struggle with how their dad treated them, the loss of someone that they loved, growing up, getting older and freeing themselves from the at first comforting and then terrifying illusions of chronological time.

This is our universal Jesus Christ Superstar approach. It isn’t enough that Christ is God and man. He also had to have the struggles of Freddie Mercury or Johnny Cash or Ray Charles or Elton John — or you pick the pop star biopic.

We love our illusions, don’t we — hatched in our own minds, and school, and in our peer groups —- but mostly by the manipulations of the advertising/entertainment complex which steps into the imagined void and finds meaning — money.

We make that money thing necessary because Eden is terrifying.

Avengers Endgame disguises Eden. Its makers rightly determine that the unvarnished truth doesn’t sell. Art disguises unvarnished truth. I hide it with a torrent of words. I speak about the unspeakable and happily fail — every day

(which really don’t exist — days, I mean.)

Days are an abstract invention of the Romans or the Arabs

or some other civilization that turned to dust

because of Thanos or Trump

or some other misunderstood,

as unadulterated good or evil by different audiences,

super villain

and his minions  — don’t forget the minions.

No super without daydreamin’


Super villains and subservient ordinaries

who live to negate time and space,

and with  a natural and authentic cruelty

in order to destroy the fears and desires of the ignorant gods

who think that they are mortal

(most of the human race)

and get reanimated

every, well —-


Hitler was a man of purpose.

He destroyed a world.

Those who avenged his actions,

created a world more just, peaceful (in some places) and prosperous

than all the worlds that went before.

And now new versions of the eternal force that animated Hitler

destroys our world.

And await our a-vengeance.

The end of bigotry?

A universal base income?

How will we be more conscious of our godly nature after this Infinity War is over?

Commerce hides the unvarnished truth with popular and sentimental lies.

Flimsy, see-through lies.

Not evil lies.

Lies made by people who like us.

They want to entertain us.


The heroes that rhyme with swindlers.

They want the laughs of the nightclub, a good meal , an exciting love affair …

They don’t want to hurt anybody.

But they do want our money.

The give us the lies we need to get through the day

the day, which we have established is an abstraction that doesn’t actually exist.

Avengers Endgame asks you to identify with these cartoon gods and only faintly implies that you are a god already.

But if you pay attention …

to the Avengers Endgame, or anything else —

You are a god.


Not a cartoon.

A god.

That will be twelve dollars. Visit the snack bar.

That’s Life.

That’s Entertainment.

same thing.

Escape and reality reverse themselves in the wormholes of existence …

Avengers Endgame ultimately does not hide the ball. Time and space have no order. There is only chaos.

My mother is in the late stages of advanced dementia. She is far from dead and will soon die. She is simultaneously in every place that has ever resonated in her heart, at every moment that has ever had meaning to her.

The world and your life is chaos. (See the singular. Not poor grammar, copy editor, Paula.) The Avengers never age or die. None of their choices matter. They can always redo them.

The Avengers exist in a world of immortality and infinite possibilities. They live at the one moment of the universe — the moment when it begins.

Or ends.

No difference.

My mother only had one bad day in all of my weekly visits of the last several years (forgive my usage of the fantasy words of time)

She has lived blissfully in the demented dream dimension where the Avengers live too, although she has never met them.

But not two weeks ago.

All pain is on the coordinates of time.


Mom cried out after fifteen minutes of existential angst that resembled very painful constipation.

She was scared.

I held her hand and patted her shoulder as it lay against her pillow — on the bed where I have found her for the past few years.

“You won’t die, Mom. You’re fine. Eat a little.”

She calmed down eventually, and ate some of her Happy Meal.

We sat holding hands for awhile.

“The doctor says that I am fine.”

“Yes, Mom, you are doing great.”

Mom had spoken more, and in a more apparently grounded way, in her journey through terror than she had in the past blissful years of my visits.

I write to get to the place beyond language.

Bliss then returned to Mom with a finality.

In our strained sophistication, we laugh at peace as a delusion.

But Life is Eternal, if not infinite.

Mom dozed off with a smile on her face. She closed her eyes and went to a party with my father and the rest of young us. She made a big dinner and wore some nice clothes — she likes to dress nicely for all occasions, and make feasts. Mom lives in an opera — everything is beautiful and over the top and fun.

My parents more than love me. They adore me. They took the chaos and turned it into love for me — and other people and things.

But they really love me. I saw this as a burden, and a pressure once.

But I went back to that time and changed my choices.

And the universe began again.

The aide had combed Mom’s hair nicely that day. She wore a cloth flower in her hair.

All the nice outfits that she ever wore were hanging on the folds of that cloth flower in her hair.

I blew her a kiss that she couldn’t see. She was at the party.

It was time for me to go.

And be at the party at the same time.

I walked out of the room with a feeling that wasn’t sad or happy.

I felt



and anticipating new life

that will come from deep within me.

My mind started writing on the blank canvas of chaos, creating my own meaning of the single moment and the one place.

A meaning different from my mother’s and every other person’s.

And fundamentally the same.

Free from fear and desire — an addict who threw the monkey of chronology off his back.

Inspired by my mother.

And reenforced later by that accident of unintended art, physics, philosophy, cosmology and intended show business — The Avengers Endgame.

No one knows anything.

But we stumble to important discoveries when we let go of all of our misconceptions

and go back innocently to square one.

The only square that there is.

Necessity is the MOTHER



The Purpose Driven Life is Driven by a Mystery.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas





4/24/19: Leadership Training for Lawyers Is Essential

4/24/19: Dealing with Hyenas

4/24/19: Dealing with Hyenas

I don’t write for hyenas.

I write for lions.

I write for lions on the worst days of their lives.

I write for lions out doing their own business.

In the jungle.

In the office.

In the neighborhood.

In the nation.

Lions aren’t the kings of the jungle.

They are the kings of themselves.




So big, beautiful and noble that they forget that anything could bother them,

much less kill them.

One day, a lion goes out for a walk

in a world that was made with him at its center.

A world just for him.

And the usurpers arrive.

In a gang.

They are little and ugly and dirty.

But they know how to use a lion’s solitary pride against him.

The hyenas are masters of the element of surprise.

We will take everything from you, they jeer.

The hyenas mock the lion:

“You won’t be able to go where you like

do what you like

say what you like.

All of your freedom will end

In a miserable torturous death.

Executed by us, the hyenas.

We are bigger than you.

We are smarter than you.

We are more beautiful than you.”

The hyenas lie.

The lion becomes confused.

And then becomes scared.

He flails while he fights the pack from a defensive stance.

No strategy.

Just trying to to fend off incoming assaults one by one.

The hyenas exhaust the lion.

The hyenas plan of first stealth

then relentless mockery and assault seems to be working.

The hyenas will kill the lion for the fun of it.

They will never be lions,

the filthy runts that they are

but they will make damn sure that the lion won’t be one either.



a comrade from the communal pride arrives.

Communal pride.

You are not alone.


The odds,

as the narrator intones

have changed.

I will add

Back to the natural odds intended by nature.

Two lions TRUMP twenty hyenas.

Impeach now.

Don’t be afraid of what hyenas might say.

Be lions, unfazed by the hectoring of hyenas.

Show your nature

Don’t calculate what the hyenas might do.

It’s a hyena illusion.

They are nothing compared to you.

And get away from any toxic crouching turds conniving in the office or the neighborhood.

Stand up to the bullies who tell you that you are less than you are.

Stand up to the petty would-be dictators who want to control you

by making you feel bad

and by making you feel insecure

and little

and incompetent at all things

Stand up and leave them

To live, play and work with your friends.

In the jungle

in the office

in the neighborhood

in the nation.

Because the capital of the nation and your lower case life function by the same laws

Of nature.

When dealing with hyenas.

Trump has “animal cunning.”

Hyenas only understand the laws of nature.

Lions live by spiritual laws.

Like basic decency

and the Constitution.

Hyenas exist to make lions smarter and stronger.

Hyenas are living initiations.

Hyenas are nature’s last challenge

before lions move to a life of the spirit.

You got friends.

Hyenas are more cunning than lions.

That’s all they got.

Lions have to learn cunning.

Learn it from the hyenas.

And use it for beauty instead of vampiric jealousy.

Roar into your life

With your own kind

Determined not by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

But by beauty

Kings and Queens of yourselves.

Hyenas are pathetic compared to you.



coyotes of the savannah

Scavengers for sensation

Incapable of love or excellence

Their only option is to destroy.

Don’t let them.

In the office

or the nation.

Your pride will save you.

Your backbone and your community

I don’t write for hyenas.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas









4/20/19: I Vote Yes on the Existential Choice of Aggressively Pursuing Impeachment

Graphic calling for impeachment of the president or other figurehead

4/20/19: I Vote Yes on the Existential Choice of Aggressively Pursuing Impeachment

The Democrats will lose in 2020 if they don’t impeach. And America as we know it will be over. If they don’t impeach, they will be accurately viewed as weak, and the Republicans will destroy their party and many of their lives personally. They should not calculate that the Republican Senate won’t convict. They should not look at polls and determine that the voters don’t want impeachment. Criminals run the Executive Branch of our government. The Democrats should have public hearings IN THE CONTEXT OF AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY — NOT UNDER THE CATCHALL CONTEXT OF OVERSIGHT —  and turn the Mueller Report into a TV mini-series. They should educate America to the seriousness of this threat. Then they should run aggressively against Trump and the Republicans in the Senate —- who, yes, won’t convict. It’s time to lead and not just try to be popular. They will be rewarded if they fight, and they will be destroyed if they don’t fight.

And so will we.

Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas