Richard Thomas,

Owner at Richard Thomas JD, LLC Ethical Presence TM Consulting

Chicago, Illinois

Check out my website for much fuller treatment re: who I am and what I do:


I write — read this blog  at http://www.richardsteventhomas.wordpress.com  

This is a brief description of my consulting and teaching:

Ethical Presence TM is a method that merges the ethical consciousness, critical thinking and organization, and communication and personal presence skills that every professional needs to be effective, a positive influence, and personally successful.

Richard Thomas applies his Ethical Presence TM method to:
consulting, teaching, coaching, speaking about, writing about, developing, strengthening, enhancing and promoting:

humanity, empathy, professionalism, creativity, communication, public speaking, critical thinking, inter-personal connecting, case-making and storytelling, career and personal discovery and advocacy, applied ethics, leadership, and other human and professional concerns and skills.

Richard Thomas’ life and career has been lived and worked at the intersection of ethical presence, reason, improvisation and creativity.

RT is an alumnus of the resident company of Chicago’s Second City Theater. RT trained with Paul Sills and David Shepherd. RT is a trial attorney who specialized in prof. responsibility. RT is a former Clinical Assistant Prof. of Business that taught Prof. Presence and Bus. Ethics.

Sample customized training services for clients:

I also consult with clients to create specific customized education and training solutions: www.richardthomasjd.com/consulting-services

An example of my performance form, Improvisational Reading:

One more time — check out my website for much fuller treatment of who I am and what I do.


Copyright 2019 Richard Thomas

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