8/13 -8/15/17 Green Light to Alt-Right Is Part of Coup Master Plan

8/15/17 evening

This was written two days before Trump’s discussion with the White House Press about the “Alt-Left” which doesn’t exist and shared blame in his mind for the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. I didn’t have to change the copy.

8/13/17 5:26 CDT

Charlottesville. This is a strategy coordinated from above. The “alt right” –— I hate that, they are fascists are “demonstrating” — I hate that they are in engaging in violent street intimidation whether they make mere threats or assault and murder. There is an end game here — they want to consolidate a fascist dictatorship and overthrow our democracy.

We’re into the third phase of the plan. First was Breitbart propaganda, then Trump’s fascist rallies and now widespread civic unrest.

What is really scary is that they are well-funded. Mercer, the billionaire who owned Breitbart and then bankrolled Trump’s campaign post-nomination is the money. Steve Bannon, Mercer’s top executive is the strategist and owns a piece too.

Trump is their willing puppet. Trump had a strategic reason for equating the Charlottesville fascists with the innocent anti-fascists. Because that is how he sees it. He is different than other Presidents for a reason.

Mercer and Bannon collaborated with Putin to steal the 2016 election — Russian fake news was hooked up with voting data analysis (from Mercer and Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica company) used to target the voters that they could get fraudulently.

The plan is to turn America into a fascist dictatorship that can do business with Putin’s fascist regime so that they can all make billions. That’s why Tillerson is there. A big portion of the world’s oil will allow them to be really dominant and they all make billions — personally. “They” means their cabal — a very small group of people, that’s why they want to gut the bureaucracy. They don’t want civil servants checking them out and asking questions.

Some Republicans are talking about cancelling the 2020 elections because too many immigrants who aren’t citizens are voting which is ridiculous of course, but might be enforced in the street …. by the rank and file Breitbart thought-controlled young white male American fascists.

This is a coup that they have been working on for years. Mercer is the boss. Trump came in late. He has pros and cons — he’s a diva, but he is actually a fascist.

Guys like David Duke are street officers. The conspiracy goes really high up the economic and political chain.

Mercer is nuts and he is the type of businessman who wants to do huge, previously unheard of things. Think Steve Jobs crossed with a Nazi.

This sounds like a novel you’d buy in an airport, but it is happening.

Who thought Trump’s election or a hundred other things that have come to pass in the last couple of years?

Breitbart has been poisoning young idiots minds so they can use them in the street phase that is just beginning.

If we want our systems of checks and balances to work we are going to have to defend those checks and balances. They want to destroy our democracy because they want all the power and money for themselves. That’s what they do — they’re fascists.

This not just a bunch of stupid people making a lot of trouble. They have a plan.

Copyright 2017 Richard Thomas