11/13/20: An Anti-democratic Enemy that Must be Defeated #poetry #RepublicanParty

11/13/20: An Anti-democratic Enemy that Must be Defeated #poetry #RepublicanParty

I take no pleasure in writing this

The Republican Party is an anti-democratic enemy that must be defeated

Like the Confederacy

and the Nazis

and the Soviet Empire

who came before them

The Republican Party is a threat to our way of life

They want to dominate us

and subjugate us

The Republican Party is evil

Their pandemic response is a moral equivalent to the Holocaust

Their economic policies are tantamount to slavery

Their attitudes towards race and immigrants

are on par with South African apartheid

They are against voting, science, reason and the truth

Their only aim is raw power

You can’t compromise with them

You can’t debate them

You can’t negotiate with them

They are committed to our total capitulation and destruction

Will we have to defeat them in a hot war?

Civl War II?

I don’t know

Will we have to fight a cold war?

No direct conflict, surrogates and proxies?

I don’t know

Will they dissipate and fade?

Will their masterful manipulation of the dark hearts of ignorant people

shrink in influence until it dies of old age and natural causes?

I don’t know.

I do know that they started it

We did not make them the enemy

They have hated us from afar for a long time

They have plotted this forever.

It wasn’t always this way

But this is not the Republican Party of an increasingly distant past

A few fanatics festered in the Republican Party

and stealthily took it over

Cynical careerists went along with the coup

They saw it as a path to power

The Patriots were left in the cold …

The 2020 election of Joe Biden

was a only a victory in a battle

We did not win the war

The New Republicans are shameless and relentless

They persevere

and they never fail at turning every twist and turn of the story to their strategic advantage

I don’t precisely know how to fight them

The start is to recognize what they are

President Obama wonders in his new memoir

if he was wise to think that he could deal with the Republicans as opponents with whom we share a democracy

He wasn’t wise in that regard

The Rick Blog said then that the Republicans had to be defeated

The Republicans are not opponents with whom we share a democracy

The Republicans are a threat to our democracy

The Republicans are not American at all

We do not share values with the Republicans

We don’t have to heal ourselves now

We have to defend ourselves.

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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