6/17/20: Why I Never Went For It #poetry

11/12/20: This is what I would have written this morning if I hadn’t already written it. A good companion to yesterday’s piece, https://richardsteventhomas.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/11-11-20-not-a-thanksgiving-person-poetry/. Acceptance of one’s freedom, integrity and autonomy is not only a matter of decision. It is also a matter of repetitive practice. I have to maintain a boundary with the world in order to remain in relation to it. Co-dependence yearns for independence. Independence wants interdependence. Interdependence leads eventually to atonement — God, Man, World become One.
Co-dependence is petty adulthood, work on unimportant concerns. Independence is a process of re-tiling a well. Most people get stuck in one or the other of these phases. Interdependence is real friendship, marriage and work in community — real work, not the narcissistic competition. Atonement is spiritual attainment beyond our individual experience — our specific personhood ends — the final lesson learned, we die. We can’t navigate the phases of life and death. We can chart our understanding of them. We change as we change. We reflect, and eventually we understand. And sometimes we go over it again. So I re-publish this piece this morning.

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6/17/20: Why I Never Went For It #poetry

No offense, but I don’t owe you an explanation

I don’t write, or teach for that matter, to explain anything to anybody

I write to understand

I overhear myself and I invite you to overhear too

Your presence here makes me feel useful

But I hate the idea of owing other people explanations

I hate how the black families who lost loved ones to police violence

feel pressured to perform their grief in front of television cameras

I used to think that I wrote in order to justify myself

that notion bothered me

but I never did

I wrote and write to understand myself.

I never went for it

I never wanted to part of it

Then I would think that there was something wrong with me

Because peers who went for it

told me I was weak for not going for…

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