11/11/20: Not a Thanksgiving Person #poetry

11/11/20: Not a Thanksgiving Person #poetry

The doctor says that he is

“Not a Thanksgiving person”

The doctor is brilliant

and he tells the truth

He is disgusted by an incompetent, corrupt and disastrous public health response

He does all he can to cure the sick, comfort the suffering and revere the dead

but he’s not a Thanksgiving person

On Thanksgiving, he likes to go to a bar

and sit alone

and watch people

He sits and wonders

and reflects on what he can do for them

He can’t go to the bar this year

But there is plenty to contemplate

Huge pluralities of the people

are infected

A huge plurality of the people

voted for Trump

What good could come to a man of his gifts and values

to mingle with the people

to engage in forced conviviality

He is separate from the people …

There is an elite …

There are people who are better than the rest of us

Their superiority is not determined by their wealth

though they could be rich

or determined by their education

though they may be well educated

What distinguishes the elite

the people too good for Thanksgiving

who sit on bar stools and contemplate us all

is their purpose

and values

and commitment

and inteligence

and detachment

and love

These special people are too far ahead of the rest of us to be leaders

instead they are prophets

and artists

These elite people

should be protected by the rest of us

We should let them be

Allow them to form contained bubbles

where they can develop

They should not be criticized or envied

or mocked for their distant strangeness

The not Thanksgiving people

live on the outer edges of humanity

they live in the future

The not Thanksgiving people

are not the crucified Christ

they are the resurrected Christ.

Some of the not Thanksgiving people are born in safe places

recognized for their specialness

protected from day one

They grow up oddly

and undisturbed

and mature from prodigy to sage and hero

Some are raised by Ma and Pa Kent

and start saving the world right out of high school

Other not for Thanksgiving people

aren’t as lucky

They are told by their parents that they are not geniuses

They are punished repeatedly for not being like everyone else

They mistakenly think their inner life is a common experience

They are still human after all,

and need experience

To discern and learn

Simpler people know themselves and wrestle with the world

The complex not for Thanksgiving people

understand themselves clearly in all aspects except their difference

The complex not for Thanksgiving people

struggle with the nature of the world

They believe the lesser people are as smart and beautiful and good as they are

This miscalculation leads to a series of rude, unjust and painful punishments

The resurrected Christ is treated like Frankenstein

The ignorant villagers taunt them and want to kill them

These not for Thanksgiving people

are deeply wounded

Traumatized by the cruelty

man’s inhumanity to man

is amplified by the not for Thanksgiving people’s


But if they survive the ordeal

The beaten broken not for Thanksgiving people

are elevated to be the elite within the elite

the best of all the not for Thanksgiving people

Suffering brings wisdom

Their innocent interaction with the lesser masses

taught them much







Detachment …

47% voted for Trump

Millions infected

What good would relation with any of these people

do for the not for Thanksgiving people

or the world?

The not for Thanksgiving people

should be treated as honored guests

and sequestered from the diseased and the ignorant

who could frustrate their purpose

for ignorant and inane reasons.

I am the Rick

and I am better than you …

don’t trouble me

with your holidays and cubicles and careers

Welcome and honor me

or leave me alone.

Thank you.

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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