11/4/20: It’s not … #poetry #election

11/4/20: It’s not … #poetry #election

Win lose or draw …

It’s not Fox News

It’s the people …

They like to watch that shit …

It’s not the Russians …

It’s the people …

they don’t give a shit about America or values …

They care about petty power …

They’d march with Hitler if they thought they would win …

It’s not fears about “socialism”

It’s the people …

It’s their willful ignorance to justify doing anything and everything to steal their money …

It’s not Trump …

It’s the people …

they are Trump

Crude, ignorant, mean, egomaniacal, racist, murderous …


they commit mass murder

so they can open their shitty little businesses and watch their football games …

They are unmoved by the death and suffering of hundreds of thousands

Unmoved by starving children

Unmoved by atrocity after atrocity and abuse

It’s not the Republicans

It’s the people

Republican popularity is democracy in action

It’s the people

They want the cruelty and nihilism and ignorance

It’s the people

They chose this

It is even some people who voted for Biden

I’m done with mean and stupid

I can’t deal with it

I avoid it

and when it is imposed upon me I don’t tolerate it

After the pandemic

and baby separation

and the empowerment of white nationalism

and the failure to give relief to people who need it

and 1000 other crimes, sins and indignities

You vote for this shit?


You think this is “strong” and powerful

I know you get a delicious feeling when you win something

And sexually excited when you see someone else suffer

Fuck you

There is an America that believes in democracy and true religion and humanist values

and there is a part of America that believes in the “American Dream”

America the slot machine

Perverse excitement

flashing lights

all sensation

I stand with the Constitution, the God that liberal Jesuits told me about when I was a kid, the arts, the rule of law and education …

If you don’t I don’t even want to know you

And if I meet you I won’t take your shit

So far beyond resistance or compromise


I’m living in a democracy

and as a decent, free, equal caring human being …

more concerned about people than money and power and “winning”

I don’t give a fuck what you like or don’t like

or what you have to say about it

And don’t fuck with me either

You pieces of shit …

You picked evil and you knew what you were doing …

It’s you …

your 2020 vote is a rorschach test

You’ll burn in hell …

It’s not politics …

Go Biden!

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

One thought on “11/4/20: It’s not … #poetry #election

  1. Reblogged this on The Rick Blog and commented:

    We need a total lockdown and a comprehensive relief package. 47% of America was happy with Nazis and now we have a Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered. Infected health care workers forced to keep working. Democracy obstructed. American tragedy.


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