8/26/20: Eat the Rich #poetry#essay#PoeticEssay

10/21/20: This is a good one about the root of all evil. This is why we die and suffer, and why our democracy ends up in intensive care.
I’ve discovered a vaccine! Hard work, high values … serving others and pursuing excellence — we might even get rich, but if we don’t — we will be assured that we will abundantly get what we need …
Anything can be done as art,
or it can be done to get rich,
or it is most often done somewhere in between
in the quiet desperation of the compromised mediocrity of what we have settled for as ordinary living …
Our compromises have caught up with us
The filthy rich have raped us
because of our fear and insecurity and laziness
We gave authority to our lives to the worst of us
We said we couldn’t pursue anything beyond food on the table
and the filthy rich came and took everything
including the food out of our mouths
Now it is so bad
We are awake
The graveyards are being filled with the prematurely dead
And we are strangely
We ignored the dark and light sides of all of our compromises
and now we see them so clearly
in stark relief
and we have made our choice
No one can make you feel less than what you are unless you let them
That’s over.
Read the piece. It’s really good.
Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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8/26/20: Eat the Rich #poetry#essay#PoeticEssay

This photo is at least 8 years old — several weight fluctuations ago. I thought the picture read “Fuck the Rich” but I guess it is the same meaning. I offer this as a companion to my “Fuck Trump” photo portrait. I think this one gets at the root problem —the situation that made Trump possible.

Are you frustrated that Congress hasn’t passed a relief bill for your unemployment, rent, virus control, school safety etc? Fuck the rich! They don’t want you to get the money to survive beyond the disaster that they created because the government will have to print more money to save you, and that makes their money worth less. They are all for expensive tax cuts or wars — they make money on those. But every dime that goes to you is less for them.That is the ultimate debate…

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