10/6/20: America’s Psychotic Break, a Poem of Hope #poetry

10/6/20 (evening): In an act of presumption for a good cause, The Rick Blog asks all of its American readers to vote. Democracy is making a big comeback in the U.S. and today was a good day for freedom and self-determination. Early voters are falling in line, government officials are implementing initiatives to protect the integrity of our election, and a coalition is emerging for democracy, crossing all ideological and demographic lines. I wrote this hopeful piece this morning. Please read it, and listen to the very old-fashioned song in the video. We may be on the brink of something wonderful.

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The Rick Blog

10/6/20: America’s Psychotic Break, a Poem of Hope #poetry

A breakdown is a chance to see what’s up

A breakdown seems abrupt

but it is a culmination

Shamans inject themselves with psychosis and work it all out

Through their suffering and recovery

a shining day emerges and replaces the misery of the old

Art and insanity exist adjacent to one another

The difference between the artist and the madman (or woman) is that

the madperson

has no access to the shamanic gift

The madperson can only access the fear and loathing

He/she cannot touch the joy, hope and

acceptance of reality

the celebration of reality

Madness is a poorly composed opera

Sanity is a well-made musical comedy

The President lived in terror

He unconsciously knew he wasn’t up to the job

He knew he had drawn the anger and opposition of powerful faces

forces of money

the law



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