10/6/20: America’s Psychotic Break, a Poem of Hope #poetry

10/6/20: America’s Psychotic Break, a Poem of Hope #poetry

A breakdown is a chance to see what’s up

A breakdown seems abrupt

but it is a culmination

Shamans inject themselves with psychosis and work it all out

Through their suffering and recovery

a shining day emerges and replaces the misery of the old

Art and insanity exist adjacent to one another

The difference between the artist and the madman (or woman) is that

the madperson

has no access to the shamanic gift

The madperson can only access the fear and loathing

He/she cannot touch the joy, hope and

acceptance of reality

the celebration of reality

Madness is a poorly composed opera

Sanity is a well-made musical comedy

The President lived in terror

He unconsciously knew he wasn’t up to the job

He knew he had drawn the anger and opposition of powerful faces

forces of money

the law


and humiliation

He began doing fearsome things to defend himself

but he saw that they weren’t working

so he threw an unhinged temper tantrum at a national debate

and then faced life threatening illness brought on by his own recklessness

He lost the illusion of control

and found himself in a hospital

treated with drugs and steroids

that altered his perceptions even more

His grandiose conscious vision of himself which was formed as an antidote to his unconscious knowledge of his own failure and vulnerability fought a battle royale with his new consciousness of that failure and vulnerability which he could no longer deny

And he snapped

His delusion became larger than ever before

He had received from an apparition of a god

the secret to existence

and he checked himself out of the hospital to deliver his sacred boon

That delivery is what the once-suffering shaman does after he/she has healed him or herself

The madperson does not have that crucial final capability

to return from woundedness with revelation

but the madperson play acts the discovery

and this is what is referred to as


So the mad President returns

Shedding virus

spreading mass death

destroying reason, culture and civilization

So who is to accomplish the shamanic renewal?

A President is a projection of aspects of a national soul

The Presidents that we call great represent the best of ourselves to ourselves

Governments belong to a powerful few

but nations belong to the people

The people look at the mad President

and see all of the spiritual illness in themselves

Democracy is such a great practice

The people will collectively see reality

The people have had a difficult problem lately

Their democracy was stolen from them

They were lied to and believed they still were in charge

Things proceeded

and got worse and worse and worse and worse

that all took about forty years

which culminated in the breakdown of the Mad President

The American people are finally aware of the extent of their illness

The Mad President’s exhibitionism fashioned a clear image

of our disease

and the people determined that we were sick

and things have begun to change

A breakdown is a chance to see what’s up

So this is a poem of hope

The people see what is wrong

They are re-asserting their democratic power

and that which is diseased in them is losing its hold

The mad President who was once a tyrant

is morphing into a human sacrifice

The orientation has switched from moral outrage and resistance

to a time of healing and self-determination

Mankind is like a singular person

Good times

bad times


and joy


and persecutions


and crippling self-doubt

horrible wars

foreign and domestic

and Pax Americanas

Things break apart

howls of pain

and come back together

Something rational and caring is coming

Terror and

mourning for the casualties of our madness

will subside

and be replaced by clarity and love

The operatic complicated asylum

will be replaced by the simple

comfortingly old-fashioned

communal feeling

of the accessible to all people of all ages

musical comedy

Dear World

I hope.

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

One thought on “10/6/20: America’s Psychotic Break, a Poem of Hope #poetry

  1. Reblogged this on The Rick Blog and commented:

    In an act of presumption for a good cause, The Rick Blog asks all of its American readers to vote. Democracy is making a big comeback in the U.S. and today was a good day for freedom and self-determination. Early voters are falling in line, government officials are implementing initiatives to protect the integrity of our election, and a coalition is emerging for democracy, crossing all ideological and demographic lines. I wrote this hopeful piece this morning. Please read it, and listen the very old-fashioned song in the video. We may be on the brink of something wonderful.

    Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas


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