Reblogged 10/4/20: 9/30/20: Democracy Disoriented #poetry #PresidentialDebate

Reblogged 10/4/20: 9/30/20: Democracy Disoriented #poetry #PresidentialDebate


9/30/20 seems months ago, but it hasn’t even been a week. Post- Debate polls say that some Republicans and independents have now turned on Trump. As you can see below, I knew that they would. That was easy. I also knew why. That took a little more work. Why don’t I feel happy or grateful? Now Trump has stupidly and arrogantly infected himself in the same way he has infected the nation. (And he did it. Not China. Not the virus. The virus is controllable. The President is out of control, deluded and undisciplined, and aided and abetted by a powerful few and millions of mostly anonymous others who are just like him. America is a super-spreader event led by Typhoid Donnie and his minions. )

Why did it take mass murder, and recklessly boorish and suicidal behavior  to bring some everyday Americans to enlightenment? The Rick Blog points to their egos.

As long as their greed and lust were furthered by Trump, and their selfish indifference to the welfare of others or the burdens of communal responsibility were encouraged by Trump, they were enthusiastically on board.

But Trump made them look bad in that debate. They don’t care if they are good people, but they want to look like they are good people. They could laugh at Trump — he was their comedian in chief. It was all a good natured game. Only “politically correct” Nancys could priss and fuss about his rudeness. This was the muscular joy of populist narcissism.

But in the debate, Trump was coming down with an illness and beset by already poor polls. He had stupidly painted himself into a corner with ridiculous governing and political strategies, and was already behind in the election race and overwhelmed by events.

Trump is an insecure man — he’s never really done anything. He has no confidence. The bravado is an obvious defensive posture. Adversity humiliates Trump. He was insanely raised to never fail by demented parents and mentors. They trained him to live in great misery and maniacally cover the pain with demonic competition and meaningless claims of so-called victories that don’t exist.

So he lashed out at Biden and the moderator — two people who showed up prepared to work, for better or worse,  in front of the world that night.  Donald Trump doesn’t know how to work and he was caught not in the act, before that same audience.   He sensed his usual schtick couldn’t get him through on this evening. So his id emerged even more unrestrained than usual. The President who famously said that he didn’t want to panic the American people about the coronavirus, revealed that he really feared his own panic. In the presence of his primary adversary and interlocutor, he revealed his constant fear.

He was shrill. He wasn’t funny. He was just incoherent and mean. He knew he couldn’t win the debate, so he destroyed it. He looked as weak as he is.

His diagnosis with COVID-19 later in the week completed the image. It is now apparent to even casual observers that he is as wrong, unbalanced and diminished as he has been since he came down the Trump Tower escalator five years ago … only now it is obviously so.

It is the obviousness that ended Trump. HIs followers would still be with him if they could plausibly deny the realities of his addled mind and dark heart, to other people and themselves. They didn’t care if the other people agreed with him — they just needed their justification so they could maintain the sensation of false satisfaction in order to dull the anxiety in the pit of their souls.

Trump’s  followers haven’t changed. They just need a new hero. Again. Someone smarter and stronger. The followers’  greed, impulsiveness, ignorance, selfishness and insecurity … hasn’t gone anywhere.

So the rest of us still have a problem.

I like the piece below because it is not a blog post that just refers to a passing event. (Quite honestly, I don’t think many of my blog segments are … this is a blog with a difference … I say that with all humility … this creative process takes all bows — I just write it down, but it is kind of exhilarating … this writing is better than punditry).

The debate revealed an aspect of the American character. Our character is our destiny … unfortunately … unless …

Ch … cha … changes …

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

The Rick Blog

9/30/20: Democracy Disoriented #poetry #PresidentialDebate

I usually have a context for this sort of thing


and my personal experience of how people behave

I respond viscerally

and then employ reason to sort everything out

So I feel it

and I think about it

and then something opens up

an image

a phrase

a line

and I write it down

It all flows out

Then I read it out loud

make some changes

clerical or substantive

I get some sort of feeling that the writing is ready

and I send it out

Time passes



and then I arrange all the separate entries into a greater whole

sometimes writing wrap around notes

sometimes simply assembling them in creative order.

Last night

I was briefly at sea

with millions of other people

I was watching the debate between Trump and Biden

I had no intention to write about it


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