9/12/20: Trump/Hitler; Republicans/Nazis; German War Profiteers/American Right-Wing Capitalist Extremists — Equivalent Miseries #poetry #commentary #essay #PoeticEssay

9/12/20: Trump/Hitler; Republicans/Nazis; German War Profiteers/American Right-Wing Capitalist Extremists — Equivalent Miseries #poetry #commentary #essay #PoeticEssay

Remember when we compared Trump to Hitler in 2016? It was more the nature of Trump and the Republicans and their capitalist robber baron patrons that we were speaking about than warning that their evil actions would be of the magnitude that the Nazis brought to Europe and the world in WW II. But if Trump and the Republicans retain power this year, the death and destruction that ensues will equal or surpass that of the Third Reich.

Think about it … over 400,000 confirmed COVID- 19 deaths (the actual number is much larger) by the end of the year, because Trump and his supporters and enablers don’t want to spend the money to respond to the virus. Get out there and work and spend, and if you die, you die.

People will keep dying.

Similarly people will die because Trump et al won’t give needed economic relief in the pandemic.Millions who won’t die will suffer lives of chronic illness, disabilities and poverty. They already do.

Climate change kills. Trump tosses paper towels at the dying. With an air of contempt. The President and the Senate don’t say more than a word or two as the American West burns.

8800 refugee children were turned back at the border — the pandemic was used as an excuse. How many of those children received a death sentence because of that policy?

Other policies — most Trump et al public policies — kill.

Citizens United, the infamous Supreme Court ruling empowered a small cabal of radical capitalists to seize control of our government and destroy our democracy. These evil people have no respect or concern for our lives or our nation, and certainly not for anyone else in the world. Their reason for being is the glorification of their egos by amassing as much money and power as they can.

These people are corrupted and perverted. They have become nihilists who actually get pleasure from the death and suffering of others. Our deaths affirm their feelings of power — and save them money.

The conspiracy theories that they offer to manipulate the public are actual projections of what they are all about.

Estimates run that the Nazis killed in the neighborhood of 20 million people in WW II — Holocaust, war casualties and other crimes and atrocities. Trump et al is already at between 400,000 and a million — COVID, climate change, immigration, poverty, social unrest, institutional violence — so many reasons,.

And this number will grow exponentially.

If Trump et al retains power …

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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