March 14, 2016: A Trump In the Crowd

An old friend reminded me of this old movie which I love and which I wrote an old post about in 2016 … I still like the writing … #poetry

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March 24, 2016: A Trump In the Crowd

A favorite old post about media complicity in the rise of Trump, and American fascism in general. I have more to say about this theme, I am sure, but the original post was corrupted and I wanted to be sure that the writing was saved.

Les Moonves, head of CBS, said in 2015 that Trump’s ascendancy might not be good for America but it is great for CBS. Moonves said that people needed 60 Minutes, Colbert (and NFL Football — which they have manipulated so much as a brand that they’ve bled the life and interest out of it) everyday.

The possibility of someone like Trump coming to power became real as far back as 1958 when CBS Chairman Bill Paley moved Edward R. Murrow’s masterpiece news series See it Now out of prime time to Sunday afternoons. Hard news had…

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