9/3/20: favorites in reverse order … #writing #TheRickBlog #poetry

9/3/20: favorites in reverse order … #writing#TheRickBlog#poetry

I have re-posted several blog segments only on my Facebook page and on the New Inclusive page (and here). The pieces are misleadingly labeled “favorites in reverse order”. I just meant that I went through my blog last-piece-first and pulled out pieces that I remembered being happy with when they were published. This grouping is not exhaustive, perfect or unchangeable. This morning I was most interested in the film, theater, TV and cultural criticism, and also the poetic and personal material. I rarely feel my political commentary is representative of my best writing. I’m glad I write it, but feels like it is just social media expression without artistic ambition.

Umm … maybe it was that way once — that was certainly true in 2015 and 2016, but I think the politically themed work has improved in the last couple of years. I’ve tried to touch on more universal themes than mere current events commentary in all of my writing. I believe I’m getting better at that.

If you decide to call yourself an artist, you have to teach yourself your craft. You set out to do things your own way — not out of arrogance or ego — but simply because that is what art is …

The apprenticeship of an artist lies in doing things that he is not ultimately meant to do …

For the last 15 years I have been on my own … beyond accepted rules and methods … fashioning my own way.

Since 2014, I have been working on “Rick writing” — doing that thing that I do …

I don’t think the goal of an artist is to be unique — the goal is to be authentic …beyond rebellion, the artist answers to himself …

in my case, first harshly, but increasingly lovingly …

Understanding oneself does not mean having all of the answers about who you are, I don’t think … it means developing ever-increasing comfort with oneself … honoring one’s own sincere impulses — living one’s natural life — free from internal and external restriction. One’s fate waxes and wanes, but one’s essence can become a comfort and the source of one’s greatest security. Each person is a species with a singular nature whose very presence is a perspective on truth to be expressed to the world.

The Rick Blog is the story of my interaction with the world — a very ordinary person, a very common experience animated by the extraordinary perspective of art.

Art is not something that you are. It is something that you do.

I used to think that art was an elite experience, but I don’t believe that today. A reader of these words, with no artistic inclinations, who converts the words into personal meaning is a half-artist. Half-art creates personal meaning. Full-art communicates the meaning to the world. I don’t think everyone is equipped with the time, talent and ability to do full-art. But that may be a distinction without a difference. If a half-artist turns these words into personal meaning, that meaning will inform the half-artist’s life. And that natural life will inform the world. That goal of pure and conscious natural life is the goal of both half and full-artist — and much more important than art, which is only a means — itself …

Authentic life is a potentially “elite” experience which we all live unconsciously — accepting and rejecting those truest impulses — consciously existing in our full humanity is currently an elite experience — but more and more people participate in it every day — and they are leading mankind to that state of peace, love and freedom.

I truly believe that. If everyone lived in awareness of their true nature, the world would be an Eden.Art is the path that leads to the reclamation of our innocence — that’s why t feels so good to make it and consume it …

I think what is excellent about the blog was present from day one, and the process of writing is one of emphasizing that excellence and eliminating personal obstructions and blind alleys that can diminish what is good or hold it back. It takes a lot of work to develop as a writer and to develop good writing. My blog is a work of art in itself but it is also notes for a completely separate work of art …

all the sketches and treatments leading to the “completed” painting …

all the paintings curated in chronological order and representing the artist’s body of work …

Jackson Pollock fiercely and quickly splattering paint on a canvas — spasms of creativity symbolizing years of deep experience …

James Joyce working 18 years on Finnegan’s Wake …

I generally love what I most recently wrote, and see much that I would change when I re-read older material. Looking at the sweep of the work is like browsing photos in an album charting the physical, emotional and spiritual changes in my experience over the years.

This writing feels like a big block of marble waiting for some new shape to be sculpted from it.

I love the uncertainty of the writing process — a combination of spontaneously facing the unknown, and employing all of your rational faculties to figure out what is going on.

Eternal immediacy in motion down the tracks of linear timeThe endless soul alights on the fleeting moment …

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas



























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