8/26/20: Eat the Rich #poetry#essay#PoeticEssay

8/26/20: Eat the Rich #poetry#essay#PoeticEssay

This photo is at least 8 years old — several weight fluctuations ago. I thought the picture read “Fuck the Rich” but I guess it is the same meaning. I offer this as a companion to my “Fuck Trump” photo portrait. I think this one gets at the root problem —the situation that made Trump possible.

Are you frustrated that Congress hasn’t passed a relief bill for your unemployment, rent, virus control, school safety etc? Fuck the rich! They don’t want you to get the money to survive beyond the disaster that they created because the government will have to print more money to save you, and that makes their money worth less. They are all for expensive tax cuts or wars — they make money on those. But every dime that goes to you is less for them.That is the ultimate debate in this country — always. The fucking rich getting more value for their money or the rest of us getting what we need and justly deserve.

The rich know that the idea that we don’t want to work is bullshit. They always blame us as a tactic in order to get their money.

Any issue in this country, any conflict, any tragedy has the rich as a silent partner.

Every issue is always doing what is right — which is usually obvious — or preserving and not lessening the value of the rich’s money.

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying in the pandemic to protect the value of the rich’s money.

Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering with chronic lifelong illness …

Millions are unemployed …

Millions are under-paid and unprotected …

The rich have already destroyed our democracy. Democracy doesn’t work for the rich. It lowers the value of their money.

We adjust our existences for their money.

We can’t go outside because of their money.

We cancel or defer our dreams because of their money.We can’t breathe because of their money.

We can’t just do normal things … make a living doing something that serves our human values and that we enjoy because of their money.

Our self-esteem is based in what we can do for their money — until we get wise and say


We don’t need revenge — we just need their knees off of our necks.

We need to take back our self-determination that they have usurped from us.

Trump is the culmination. The rich impose him upon us because they make money doing so.

I guess the first step is defeating Trump.

But it’s only an early battle.

We have to FUCK THE RICH!

Fuck them first out of our minds and then do everything to take all power that they have over our lives away from them.

That’s politics, culture, personal relationships — everything will be changed.

You’re going to have some unpleasant confrontations; and you are going to lose some people that you thought were friends.

We all have friends who admire the rich, who are working to be one of the rich, who would live in squalor self-medicating on a drug of rich-love.

These former friends are the imaginary rich — they are rich in their own minds. They are not fair-minded. You only know them because they don’t actually have money. If they had money, they wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Some people — THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT — who have money are not RICH. Some people got their money not by being worried about the value of money, but being good at something, or inheriting it or getting lucky. These good people with money are also harmed by the obsessions of the rich to preserve the value of their money. These good well-off people have to live in a dystopian reality when what they want most is to enjoy life and be nice to other people.

But with that caveat to carefully identify who is friend and who is foe —

there is no choice.

You have to


We can’t put their needs before our own any longer.

We won’t survive.

Look to the election


the primacy of the rich is unsustainable.

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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