8/12/20: Dissent re: my Alma Mater Notre Dame’s Re-opening Collection #Poetry #essay #PoeticEssay


8/12/20: Dissent re: my Alma Mater Notre Dame’s Re-opening Collection #Poetry #essay #PoeticEssay

I am a Notre Dame alumnus morally opposed to Notre Dame’s re-opening. I’ve written a few segments about this and I share them here.




I’ll also include these admittedly harshly angry pieces from early 2017 (remember the common rage of those early days of the Trump disaster?), before re-opening was an issue, but addressing related problems.



One thought on “8/12/20: Dissent re: my Alma Mater Notre Dame’s Re-opening Collection #Poetry #essay #PoeticEssay

  1. Reblogged this on The Rick Blog and commented:

    10/4/20: My alma mater continues to disappoint me. In 2017, Mike Pence was ND’s commencement speaker, an immoral and arrogantly tone-deaf choice.
    The school refused to give decent health care to the families and spouses of married students.

    ND’s law school is the home base of right wing judicial nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.
    The school’s President contracted COVID-19 ignoring mask and social distancing protocols in order to make the scene at the ceremony at the White House where Trump announced Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
    Notre Dame was the first major university to announce its immoral intention to re-open in the midst of our unmitigated pandemic. The decision has been an unmitigated disaster.

    There is a self-satisfied culture of self-admiration for the school’s goodness and moral certitude at Notre Dame that is wholly undeserved.

    read the links here

    I am embarrassed by Notre Dame. It wasn’t this right wing when I attended the school.

    Follow the links to various segments related to the Fall of Notre Dame. The school is too interested in money and ego, and is too insensitive to its alumni who don’t share the fascist views of the administration and rich benefactors.


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