8/1/20: Overture #poetry

8/1/20: Overture #poetry

I levitate out of Hades

Ragged leprous arms reach for my ankles

Flames lap at my feet

the sound of moaning becomes more and more distant

Memory has been processed enough

Essence is known

a feeling not a plan

Disease and depression and rage and fear and ignorance has ravaged the land

everything that I ever participated in is destroyed

Good riddance

the butter has exploded in the microwave

a tiny disaster that becomes an opportunity

to clear out all other dirt and mess

the oven is a tiny proscenium stage

an empty space

an opportunity to enter

without an idea

or a perspective

as innocent as Adam or Eve

Paradise found

nothing but a nap sack

filled with people

and songs

and movies and books

ice cream

the little “unimportant” moments

that people recall on their deathbeds


that have the most meaning


and universal base income


and health care for all

the music of Frank Loesser

and the acceptance of a friend

The music of Lerner and Lowe

“Where am I going I don’t know

how will I get there I’m not certain

all I know is I am on my way”

After World War II it was time for Sid Caesar and Danny Kaye

and Rodgers and Hammerstein

songs and racial justice

an awareness of the Holocaust

and the choice for something else

in politics

in art

in human relationships

no not a choice — what was next

“Got a dream boy, got a song

paint your wagon and come along”

I am thrilled to not know what is next

I have the music

the words will come later

Musical comedy world

transcending pain and death and injustice

free from the burden of memory

no longer misshapen

biochemical  anxiety

becomes delighted anticipation

the overture begins

creation is abundant

our fear is what is small

not us

we are the world

eternally young and new

negative is positive

adversity is opportunity

wounds expose our potential for joy

our endings are beginnings

our new existence will be glorious

in stark contrast to the misery of the old

I’m glad that I don’t know what is next

It’s a great surprise present

Tomorrow is for sorrow and death

today is for the thrill of the life that is upon us

a lot of life

Tomorrow is for the alchemy of the pain of memory into empathy

and demands for justice

and encouragement of the oppressed

and the removal of obstacles

and the mourning of life

Today is for a glimpse

of how it will feel

when all is what it should be

Life can be lovely you know

lovelier even than the best times that you can remember

“with a song in my heart … ”

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas










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