7/26/20: The Different Ways to Talk #poetry #writing #entertainment #sales #thelaw #teaching #art

7/26/20: The Different Ways to Talk #poetry #writing #entertainment #sales #thelaw #teaching #art

#entertainment — make them feel good

#sales — persuade them to do something

#thelaw — argue and advocate for or against them

#teaching — make them think

#art — the audience is not objectified. No “them”. The artist doesn’t perform, pretend, argue, advocate or persuade — not really, even if it sounds that way. The artist is pursuing …

I just write about what interests me — or more precisely what comes up. I don’t choose what I write about it. It chooses me. I don’t think about what interests the audience. I don’t care. I figure the people that want to read it will read it and those who don’t won’t. I also think you can go deeper on any topic and say something worthwhile. I try to never just comment on the level of a cable TV pundit. I am looking for connections, metaphors, trends … if I label something #commentary I might get a little more toward opinion — but I am going for more than opinion — I am stating my truth. The process involves more than stating a rational point of view. It’s much more personal and experiential than that.

An “art” audience and an “entertainment”,  “sales”, “law” or “teaching” audience are obtained in different ways. I’ve done all of these modes of talking, and they all share elements of craft. The differences are based on the orientation — the goal.

Art has an objectivity to it — the truth — limited of course by the artist’s personal point of view which is subjective. We are all the center of the universe and no one can stand simultaneously in the same place as someone else at the same time. Art is objective, but not absolute in its findings. It resembles science in that way. There is always more to find out, another angle to explore …

Entertainers market to get audiences, sales people call on prospects and leads, lawyers sue or defend when sued, and teachers recruit and admit students. An artist’s audience finds him. It is a mystery how true art engages the world, and how the world finds and engages true art. 

I know the world and art find each other … I’ve seen it happen, but I am not as clear on the process as I am on the other less evolved forms of talk.

I’ll keep you posted.

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas







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