7/24/20: Fish in a Barrel #poetry #commentary

7/24/20: Fish in a Barrel #poetry #commentary
Republican re-election checklist (recent tactics)
1. Gas Moms
2. Demand that kids go to unsafe schools
3. Give best wishes to an accused sex offender
4. Brag that you “passed” a test for dementia
5. Delay needed unemployment funds and rent relief in attempt to reduce the amount of the payments
6. Pardon a crony
7. Tell your ambassador to the UK to get a tournament for your Scottish country club
8. Pressure people to work in dangerous conditions with no protection and try to take away any legal liability for employers in the event of injury or death
9. Invade American cities and treat the American people as enemies
10. Hold rallies which cause COVID-19 outbreaks
11. Use rhetoric which sounds stupid or insane
oh yeah … and ignore a pandemic, a depression and movement for social justice except to demonize people suffering in relation to all three
What’s next — putting babies in jail, ignoring hurricane victims, destroying the justice department, looting the US Treasury with your cronies, being a lackey to international dictators, gutting needed regulations that protect the American people, trying to repeal needed health insurance, and getting impeached, and threatening not to accept the result of the election if you lose?
Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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