6/27/20: Improvisation’s Looming Existential Decision #improvisation #secondcity #poetry

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6/27/20: Improvisation’s Looming Existential Decision #improvisation #secondcity #poetry

I wrote an open letter to the new head of Second City. I posted the letter, as I do all of my pieces on various social media pages and platforms.

Here’s the link to the letter if you haven’t seen it. https://richardsteventhomas.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/6-8-20-open-letter-to-anthony-leblanc-interim-executive-director-of-second-city/

I had a generally positive response to what I wrote, but an internet troll nicely personified an existential decision that improvisation currently faces — and is discussed in the letter.

Here is the troll’s comment and my response. What’s it going to be, improvisers?

  • Steve Lubin So you had some good times and some bad times. Sounds like life to me. But of course if anything offends you it must be eliminated. I tried to read your whole letter but it really became redundant as a woe is me and pity me. Look, comedy is now dead along with history. You social-justice warriors have seen to that.
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  • Steve Lubin I think you were reading something else and you should work on your reading comprehension. Look up the meaning of the word “redundant”. And get out of improvisation and go to a Trump rally. I stand by my writing and my teaching and my improvisation. I ask everyone to read my piece and look at my website to see my credentials and background at www.richardthomasjd.com/about and to not be distracted by this internet troll. Steve, sorry if this is long — I know you have problems paying attention. LEARN what comedy and history are. You know how you do that by WORKING. I studied with Paul Sills. I worked for 4 years in the resident company. I became a lawyer and specialized in ethics litigation. I applied my work as a college professor. What the fuck have you ever done? Who are you? You are what has happened to Second City that has been so destructive. People like me have ignored people like you forever. Really, why should we care. I don’t need your approval. But your trolling is very effective for my purposes. I don’t write this reply to you but to anyone else that sees it. Compare me to this asshole and choose what you want — not necessarily us personally, but what do you want for SC and improvisation in general. Steve’s brand of mean lazy stupidity has had far too much sway over the years. Why not go for something better …

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