1/28/20 The Revolution Might be Televised

kelly bolton

1/28/20 The Revolution Might be Televised

Can you believe these two assholes might be crucial in getting Trump? The Iraq War and baby concentration camps?

History is a motherfucker.

If the Republicans are smart (always a dodgy proposition — they are long on cunning and short on brains usually) they’ll allow witnesses and convict Trump. John Kelly vouched for Bolton this morning. The neo-cons want to take the GOP back. Republican Senators need to play the long game here. Yes, they will get demolished in 2020 — losing the White House and the Senate.

But …

in four or eight years, they will get back to starting unnecessary wars and destroying the social safety net just like the good old days.

If they stick with Trump we might have a chance to put a stake in their godforsaken heart forever,

but that is too risky. If we fail, I’ll meet you next Saturday for the book burning.

What to want? What to want?

What to do? What to do?

A bird in the hand …

Oh shit …

Convict the motherfucker!

And then beat these neocons in the next eight years and get a progressive agenda.

All the Dem moderates will be dead in 8 years, so it’s time to make our move!

I’m progressive, so I’ll still be here to enjoy our socialist Utopia.

Old Progressives never die and we don’t fade away.

Look at Bernie Sanders — his heart attack was energizing.

And Elizabeth Warren has more pep than a Big Band drummer in his prime — Sal Mineo as Gene Krupa, or was it Buddy Rich?

Yes, please Republicans convict Trump — we’ll stand by you like FDR stood by Stalin.

And then get ready for a long Cold War, cleansing the body politic from your right wing bullshit.

Out with Hitler Trump.

In with someone hopefully to the left of Obama.

Then out with the sequel to Reagan and the Bushes …

the wet dream of Bolton and Kelly

in an unfortunately long struggle …

From the sacred scrolls of NostraThomas …

Copyright 2020 Richard Thomas

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