America Was on CNN Last Night

trump harrisburgh

America was on CNN last night
The lunatic third was on full display
Donald Trump gave an ugly speech
Before a backdrop of mental defectives
The cruel idiots who are a constant
Nothing new
29 per cent of us approved of Nixon on the day of his resignation
Approved of police dogs eating Civil Rights marchers
Approved of the chaos of the Iraq War
And Joe McCarthy purge of an illusory enemy that ruined lives

Donald Trump’s and his lunatic army are nothing and no one

Meanwhile the noble press had its yearly dinner
Along with the fatuous press
The superficial press
The infotaining press

Watched from afar by
The Hollywood celebrities who skipped the party on the year they should have gone more than ever
As the nominal President accused everyone who doesn’t support him liars
His de facto repeal and replace of the First Amendment
Great to resist, wonderful stars
But the best protest is in the moment that you are actually told to go to the back of the bus

A funny Muslim son of immigrants told the truth with perspective and did his job well
Like immigrants often do
Putin stole America
Bannon is a Nazi
Spicer a Holocaust denier

The stiffs in the audience sat in judgement
The arbiters of “going too far”
Instead of thinking about the ominous rally in Nuremberg
Sorry, Harrisburg
Instead of more pressing issues

Like that a third of our nation remains the dangerous ignorant and criminal mob it has always been
Now incited by one of their own in power
And that the other 2/3 of us are human beings
A bunch of fools — mediocre and self-involved
With a smattering of heroes scattered among us

That unpromising 2/3 formed a citizen army that helped bring down Hitler

That’s what’s always been frustrating about this country
And great
We party hard
And deal with emergencies at the last minute.

Coming up on 11:59

Copyright 2017 Richard Thomas

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