A Brief Personal History of the Sitcom Part I

With a few additional notes, briefly lauding Cheers, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm and applying the values of Corporate Social Responsibility to messages in entertainment.

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Two and a Half Men

I watched 15 minutes of Two and a Half Men last night. It was a syndicated rerun (with Charlie Sheen) after the early evening news. I have always disliked Two and a Half Men and never understood its popularity. This was not a particularly informed opinion since I had never seen the show. I based my view on my emotional revulsion at the promos for the show that I would see while watching something else.

Now I have seen it. I still think the show is dreck, but I have a little more understanding of its popularity. It seems it is a contemporary version of a classic American comedic form—the middle class sex farce. The middle class sex farce features a middle class man who is average in many ways. He has all the money he needs without working. He also has exposure to an improbable number of pretty middle…

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